The premium-quality fire starter sticks for the house and barbeque

Use organic fatwood sticks to kindling your bonfire less than 5 minutes

About us

  • The origin of the Fatwood starts in 1986 in Georgia, USA. Better Wood Products company is made with love and care by a family business. Thanks to Mr. James Devis, many people can save their time and energy when they need some warmth. Fatwood fire starter sticks are small wood pieces that help kindle the fire in less than 5 minutes

    Three generations of family business owners have been making the highest quality firewood from the finest Ocoee Pine resin. Most of these trees were harvested in the 19th and early 20th centuries. All goods are certified by Global Services SCS and are environmentally friendly. Sticks do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere and do not affect human health

    Wild forests are safe and sound because the materials are specially grown for use. Pines for production are produced on a specially designated empty territory; they do not occupy the space of other forests. Stumps are usually hard to use because they are not easy to pull out of the ground. But Better Wood Products uses them to reduce waste and not pollute the planet


Cozy Family Evenings by The Fireplace

  • Firewood sticks are from the best resin-rich Ocoee Pine, so they burn fast and effectively. You don’t have to wait more than half an hour to relax. High-quality wood and thin, comfortable sticks flare up quickly. Kindle Fatwood sticks, and you will be enjoying a relaxing bonfire at your place after 15 minutes.

    Don’t look for dry sticks in a forest or park; this idea is almost always doomed to fail. The natural humidity outside will never allow the sticks to dry 100%. Fatwood sticks are dried by specialists using special equipment; this is the secret of the fast-burning of sticks

    Every Fatwood firestarter set you to get in a box. You can put this box anywhere you want because it’s cover and clean. Also, the set box will protect wood sticks from children and animals. It’s convenient to take the box in a car; sticks won’t scatter in the trunk and won’t stain the inside of the car

  • 120 Eco-Stix Fatwood Starter Kindling Firewood Sticks, 10 Lbs

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  • 120 Eco-Stix Fatwood Starter Kindling Firewood Sticks, 25 Lbs

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  • 120 Eco-Stix Fatwood Starter Kindling Firewood Sticks, 40 Lbs

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  • 120 Eco-Stix Fatwood Starter Kindling Firewood Sticks, 50 Lbs

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    • You can buy fire starter sticks online and arrange a convenient delivery
    • Delivery to any U.S. state and city: at the address or recreation area
    • Standard delivery up to 7 business days
    • Express shipping at the same or the next day for the special price
    • International shipping to Africa, Asia, Europe, and others up to two weeks
    • Delivery Guarantees: you will get a refund of the delivery fee if it wasn’t in time


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    High-quality product light the fire in 5 minutes/span>

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    Refund or replacement within 30 days from delivery

Get Benefits of Using Firewood Sticks

  • Forget about the long-term task of lighting a fire. You used to need to do plenty of things only to start the fire. For example, you needed to find some dry sticks or cane, but they can’t be totally dry. Because of the influence of natural conditions, it’s 25-50 % wet almost every time. Stop wasting your time and doing extra work! Try ready-to-use fatwood firestarter sticks. They will heat up in less than 5 minutes, after which you can add all the main firewood. The bonfire will be ready in 15 minutes after the start of the fire. Have fun, and don’t worry about the bonfire organization

  • Fatwood Firestarter is certified by the SCS (Salvaged Wood Program). It means that the company uses only legal organic material that can recycle. It often happens that ready-made firewood and sticks are treated with chemicals so that they heat up instantly. Such chemicals are harmful to human health because we breathe the smoke of a fire. Nature also suffers: the plants, soil, and atmosphere of the Earth are saturated with dangerous elements, which leads to the disease of the entire ecosystem. We believe that it is possible and necessary to use a product that does not harm the environment, including people

Many people don’t understand why fire starter sticks are better than coal. Charcoal is a final product that looks smaller and burns faster. In fact, this is very superficial conclusion. The compactness of coal is spoiled because it is very easily soiled; black spots can easily remain on hands and clothes and it’s hard to remove. Also, coal produces harmful substances when it burns. This negatively affects the atmosphere, causing acid rain, groundwater pollution, and much more. Fatwood fire starter sticks are ecology-friendly and clean. We care about your rest, and we worry about Earth’s safety

  • Organic Materials

    Resin-rich Ocoee Pine SCS certified

  • Worth the Money

    Save your time, health, environment

  • Trusted Company

    The best family business since 1986

  • Forests Protection

    No harm for naturally grown woods

Don’t Miss The Barbeque and Picnic Season!

  • It’s convenient to take it out—a minimum of dirt. You can’t find such high-quality fire starter sticks at Walmart or any other supermarket. Don’t forget that a custom product it’s not a mass-market option. Order delivery at any convenient place and time. We can deliver fire starter sticks to your home or directly to your recreation area. The sticks are small, they are comfortable to hold in your hands, and they will not stain you. The wood is polished as much as possible so that you do not accidentally drive a splinter

    Don’t be afraid that you can harm nature if you choose the wood fire starter sticks because we care about wood protection. We understand that the forest is one of the most valuable resources of the earth. Natural wood production is not an easy niche if you want to make it sustainable for the environment. We made sure that naturally created forests are not damaged. We only purchase wood for firewood sticks from logging companies that adhere to strict local, state, and federal regulations.

  • Natural wood’s smoke for the better taste of your burger. We are sure that you are perfectly able to cook steaks and burgers. That is why you know how strongly the aroma of smoked meat affects the taste. You do not need to worry about aroma’s unnecessary impurities because Fatwood wood has not been treated with harmful chemicals and artificial ignitions. If you invite guests to a barbeque, they will not have to starve for a long time. Start a fire with Fatwood in a few minutes

What Number of Boxes Should You Choose

  • There are different situations and events in which you need to kindle a fire. Fatwood fire starter sticks offer a ton of configuration options. Check out the various kits and choose the one that suits you. There are different situations and events in which you need to kindle a fire. Fatwood fire starter sticks offer a ton of configuration options. Check out the various kits and choose the one that suits you

    A 10 lbs minimum set is perfect for a family BBQ or campfire evening. This amount of wooden sticks is enough to cook a couple of servings of steaks or burgers. Choose the basic Fatwood set if you plan to light the fireplace and relax after a hard day at work. This set is not enough to heat the whole house; its advantage is in its compactness. The basic set will warm up your evening and leave pleasant memories for everyone

    The 25 lbs standard set will come in handy if you plan to invite a large company or hold a small event. Holidays such as Independence Day are best to spend surrounded by all family members and friends. A large number of guests require the same amount of food, so kindling up quickly will help you keep no one hungry. Once the first batch of meat is ready, you can start cooking the next set in a few minutes

  • The 40 lbs Extra Pack will be your best friend on the hike. Load a large set of boxes of sticks into your car and go to the mountains or forest. A kit of Fatwood fire starter sticks will last for several days. You can light a fire to keep warm with it. Spend your evenings around the campfire and tell scary stories, cook marshmallows and enjoy nature. When the whole group is hungry, the last thing you want to do is waste your time looking for lighting sticks. With firewood sticks, your lunch is ready in 20 minutes.

    The 50 lbs premium set is made for more significant purposes. A large number of fire starter sticks can be prepared for several days or weeks. Warm-up your home in the cold with a premium kit that lasts a few weeks to light the stove. Take large sets on long trips out of town, so you don’t have to worry about freezing. With a large box of firewood sticks, you have advanced options. Light a wood-fired sauna, cook dinner on an open fire, use as much as you need because you will have many resources.

    It is hard to disagree that the firewood starter helps in any situation. The modernization of our world does not change the fact that people have become accustomed to the power of fire for a long time. It’s always lovely to merge with nature, feel a natural warmth and prepare your food in the open fire. Stock up on a fire starter stick to keep warm and participate in the BBQ season.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a firewood stick?

    Fatwood fire starter stick is a little piece of pinewood to help kindle the bonfire in several minutes.

    What size of each stick?

    Fatwood firestarter approximately 8” in length (about 3/4” in diameter) It’s compact and convenient to use for anyone.

    How many sticks should I use?

    It’s enough to use 3-4 sticks to help start the stove.

  • Who and where produces firewood sticks?

    Firewood sticks manufactured in Georgia, USA, by the trustful family company since 1986

    How to hold firewood sticks at the house?

    You should keep firewood sticks in a safe, dry place. Keep it away from the children and animals. It’s good to keep wood sticks in the closed places

    What wood are made of the Fatwood sticks?

    Sticks are made from the best resin-rich Ocoee Pine

Our reviews
  • It was so annoying trying to found some wood sticks to start the fire! Thanks to wood starter sticks, I can spend my time more pleasant than I did.

    Jon Garrison
    Rolling Thunder
  • I purchased the 10 lbs box recently. I was so tired of the whole process with the paper kindling, and it just wasted my time. God bless Fatwood, they rescued me!

    Richard Adams
    Rolling Thunder