How to make fatwood kindling while camping. The best recipe for BBQ


We all like to camp sometimes and need to make fatwood kindling while camping just to have a cheat chat with family or friends and cook some grilled meat and vegetables to have a nice holiday outdoors. We recommend packing a fire starter into your backpack to be fully set. Even if you miss sticks out of your gear, you may always find some kindling if there is an emergency in the woods (Read our advice on finding a fire starter while camping here). 


How to make fatwood kindling


Eight tips on how to make a fatwood kindling while camping

1.   Find the right location for camping. It is not that easy to find a good sheltered place: no-windy and far from the heavy wood to avoid the possible big fire. We will have to avoid spreading the fire into the woods and causing significant damage to nature.

2.   Before starting a fire. It would help if you made a pit to protect your fire from the wind and control its size. Make the pit deep and quite bigger than the intended fire. If you couldn’t find the sheltered place without the wind, then find the big old log to hide your fire from the wind.

3. Let’s hope you have the fire starter with you. If you have fire starter sticks, then collect twigs in the woods and some old leaves, conifer, dry bark to ensure that your fire will be steady enough.

4.   Firestarter choice. That is the moment when you take your homemade fire starter out (Please read about homemade sticks here). Or you might have bought some valuable things online. Anyway, let’s make a good fire first so that we will get a lot of charcoal and have a good barbecue. 

5.   If you happen to take Magnesium to get fire. It has pretty known flammable properties. That is why you should be very careful with Magnesium; if you take too little of it, you may not start the fire; if you take too much, you’ll get the fire blow into your face. Just take it slow, and don’t let your fire fail.

6.   How to use Magnesium. Just scrape the bar with the back blade of the knife and get some magnesium scrapes to start your fire. Did you know that you can use Magnesium instead of matches? You can find the flint strip on the bar, scrape it with a knife, and you’ll get the spark. There you have your fire.

7.   When is the best time to start BBQ. The best time is when you will get the charcoal from after fire.

8.   One last reminder. Before leaving the camp, be aware that you’ve got to put out the fire to avoid starting the actual fire.

How to make grilled pork

The best BBQ recipe. The first step is to choose the suitable marinade

Each recipe for meat on the Grill is different. Grilled pork is considered one of the most popular products. Please note that you should adequately marinate before sending the meat to Grill. The base of the marinade can include dry wine, cognac, juice, mustard, soy sauce, peanut or olive oil, Kefir, mayonnaise, ketchup, Tabasco sauce, and lemon juice with lemon juice kiwi slices that help to add spice to the meat. To make the pork on the Grill rich and in taste, you can prepare a sweet marinade with honey. And the final gesture: you can shade the smell with basil, sage, curry, rosemary, tarragon. 


Let’s get down to Grill

It is essential to consider the many subtle nuances on which the taste of the resulting dish depends. If we are talking about a steak, it is recommended to grease the Grill with vegetable oil before laying it out. When you see they become brown, turn the pieces over. You mustn’t touch the meat during the roasting period. Otherwise, the integrity of the crust will fail. To prevent fried pork from turning out dry, you need to salt it only after forming a golden-brown crust.

As sophisticated as the grilled pork recipes are, add a little butter after cooking. We recommend serving food with sauce, vegetables, potatoes, mushrooms, herbs, cheese.