How to use fire starter sticks and what are the ingredients


How to use fire starter sticks, if you are going to hike. Please do not forget to take them with you. Certainly, if you did forget it, you may read our advices of how to make fire starter sticks here. If it’s okay and you took sticks with you, let’s get our checklist on how to start fire while hiking.

How to use fire starter sticks in the wild

7 tips on how to use sticks

  1. Location is important. Finding the right place is not that easy. First of all, it should be a sheltered area: no-windy and far from the heavy wood and with a little grass. Avoid spreading the fire and causing irreversible damage to nature.
  2. Clear and prepare. How to make a good fire. Prepare the good pit for your firewood. The pit should be a bit larger than the intended fire. If you couldn’t find the place without the wind, you may always find the old big log to hide your fire and limit the penetration of wind.
  3. Make fire steady. Even if you have fire starter sticks and found twigs in the woods it always will be better to find some leaves, conifer needles (advices on natural fire starter here), just to make sure that your fire will be steady.
  4. Fire starter choice. This is the moment when you take your fire starter out. A lot of hikers use Magnesium sticks for the purpose. It is small, pocket size. And you can use it even in wet weather. Remember Magnesium bar can be a life savior outdoors as well as a very dangerous fire starter.
  5. Magnesium to get fire. It is well-known thanks to it flammable properties. But the core reason to be very careful with Magnesium is that if you take too little of it you may not start the fire, if you take too much you’ll get the fire blow into your face. So it is wiser to start from several scrapings and then add some more if your fire starting fails.
  6. How to use magnesium bar. Just scrape the bar with the back blade of the knife and get some magnesium scrapes for your fire. You will also find the flint strip on the bar, scrape it with knife and you’ll get the spark. There you have your fire.
  7. One last reminder. Before leaving the place of the camp, be aware that you’ve got to put out the fire.

Make your own fire starter sticks

What are the ingredients of America’s choice fire starter sticks

  1. Natural Lump Charcoal – using charcoal for your grill may not be the best idea as it’s not the quickest way to make fire start, but when you get the smoky, robust flavor from your fire, you understand at once it was worth using natural charcoal and enjoy your fire in the woods.
  2. Pine mountain Starter Log – it is really simple to use it indoors for fireplaces or barbecue or outdoors when hiking. Just open the package, place what’s inside under firewoods and light it.
  3. Fire Lighter Kit with clean-burning lamp oil is hands-down way to start fire. Simply soak the steel rod firestone in the ceramic vessel filled with Lamp Oil, light it and place under firewood.

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