How to use fire starter sticks – all you wanted to know. Frequently Asked Questions


Let us give you some tips on how to use fire starter sticks. Due to COVID-19, we are all keen on outdoor activity, traveling, and family barbecue in the vast modern world. We start to value every moment of life and run away from stress and pressure, hiking, camping, and rock climbing. That’s what gathers the family together and gives us some good memories and strength to move forward.

You may know all the rules to survive and behave in the woods, but let’s stop here and try once again to check if we are ready to start a good fire while camping to spend some time with family near-real fire in the woods.


How to make fire starter sticks at home

How to use fire starter sticks with dryer lint

Some people going hiking think that making a fire starter in the woods is simple. We already shared the information about how to make or find a fire starter in the woods by yourself (Please read about it here). But you should always be ready to face rain, snow, wet birch bark, grass, and twigs. Under the circumstances to prepare a homemade fire starter back-ups stored in your stuff looks like not such a bad idea.


We know dryer lint is usually used as the best homemade fire starter. Take a cardboard carton you typically buy in the supermarket with eggs and place melted wax into it. If you ask where you can find it, the answer is to take half-burned candles. If you want a pleasant smell, put cones into the wax. Just be prepared that it will not be as simple to clean your pot after it when you try to melt your wax. It would help place the dryer lint into each cardboard box cell above the wax. That’s it; your fire starter is ready. 


There is one more way to use dryer lint. If you have waxed paper, that is great to start a fire with. Wrap it up with lint on paper, twist both ends of the paper to hold the content, and have the most excellent fire starter there.   


Make fire starter sticks at home


How to use a cardboard box to make a good fire, and why should we have sanitizer with us

If you have charcoal at home, there is no need to take all the oversized packages with you. You may place a chunk of it into each cell of the cardboard egg box. And is, by any chance, you happen to have sanitizer with you. You may squeeze it on the twigs, and your fire will be pretty steady. Make sure that your sanitizer is not free of alcohol, as it is now a trend to make alcohol-free sanitizers; in this case, it won’t work with the fire.

If you are looking for a fire starter to buy, pick the one that’s the best for the environment

If you ask how to choose the best fire starter sticks, please always buy what’s best for the planet. It should be produced from nature-friendly materials, non-toxic, recycled paper, sawdust, waste fibers.

When in woods, please always make sure you’ve managed to put out the fire completely, not to become the reason for a wood fire. If you dig a pit for your fire before starting, it’s always easier to put out the fire by covering it with earth.