How to use fire starter sticks camping and what are the benefits of walking and hiking


If you want to change your life, it’s time to start by changing your lifestyle choices. Find out the benefits of walking and hiking in the fresh air and how to use fire starter sticks camping.

Hiking helps forget your health problems

Hiking is a great chance to reload your body to the wave of positive attitude and health. It will strengthen your cardiovascular system and have a positive effect on immunity. Doctors have already proven that walking outdoors normalizes cholesterol levels. Hiking will help you recover from major surgery and, most importantly, improve your lung function!

Living in a stuffy city, we breathe exhaust gases every day; being in nature at least once a week guarantees your well-being and health!

How to enjoy hiking

How to lose weight and get physical with pleasure without stress

If you don’t feel like going to the gym or doing regular jogging, the good news is there is a way to lose weight with pleasure. A good hike of twenty kilometers will make your fats sweat well. It positively affecting excess losing weight; your legs will begin to take shape.

As mentioned above, hiking is good for your health, but there is one more nuance. If you are constantly tired at work. And do not get enough sleep, and someone annoys you a lot. How can you become NOT nervous?

You can get rid of any tension quickly. Just go hiking! It will give you vitality, relieve fatigue, remove your accumulated! Arrive at work on Monday relaxed and fresh.

How to enjoy delicious camping food while hiking

Having gathered for a hike for the whole day, and possibly with an overnight stay, think over your nutritious diet! You can learn how to start fire with fire starters here. Then try delicious, hot food from the fire and freshly brewed tea – you will understand that you live!

If your route lies in a mountainous area or in a forest where there are extensive meadows – collect useful herbs! We recommend collecting herbs such as oregano, thyme, mint, raspberry leaves, hawthorn, chamomile, sage. You can always find a complete list of valuable herbs and their uses on the Internet.

What is the recipe of eternal youth

Scientists and doctors have long proven that people who travel frequently and lead an active lifestyle age more slowly than average urban residents. After all, doing nothing speeds up the aging process. By doing nothing, we mean: going to work in the morning, sitting at a PC all day, coming home from work in the evening, showering, dinner, sleep.

What are the benefits of walking and hiking – they both bring you to an active lifestyle. If you constantly go hiking, you will age much slower than your surroundings, and you will not need any Botox! How to build hiking into your life, read in our article here

How to use fire starter sticks camping

How to start a fire with ignition means

Any process of cooking during outdoor recreation begins with making a fire. You can kindle a fire without additional funds. Although, sometimes, it will require specific skills and abilities. In adverse weather conditions, for convenience and to quickly achieve the optimal temperature of the coals, you use ignition means. How to use fire starter sticks camping?

We divide means for ignition into two mass segments: dry and liquid. Let’s dwell on them in more detail.

What are dry fire starters

  1. Based on wood and paraffin (briquettes, “hedgehogs”). They are compressed wood (sawdust, shavings) impregnated with paraffin. The duration of burning reaches 8 minutes:

✔ Safe (does not flash);

✔ Environmentally friendly (does not emit toxic substances);

✔ Uniform burning;

✔ No unpleasant smell and soot;

✔ Burn in damp weather;

✔ Can be used in fireplaces and stoves;

✘ On average, more expensive than analogs.

2. Dry fuel (“Dry alcohol”) in everyday life. It is a tablet from a compressed mixture of a combustible substance and a small amount of paraffin. It burns with a colorless flame similar to alcohols, although it does not belong to them. Duration of burning 9-15 minutes:

✔ No soot;

✔ Leaves no ash;

✔ Uniform combustion;

✘ Some combustion products of “dry alcohol” emit toxic substances;

✘ Bad smell.

What are the liquid fire starters

  1. Based on liquid paraffin. Colorless liquid, odorless:

✔ Environmentally friendly (does not emit toxic substances);

✔ No soot;

✘ High price;

✘ It cannot be used in the stove and fireplace.

2. Based on alcohols. The use of such liquids requires special precautions because they are explosive, and there is a risk of burns:

✔ Low price;

✘ Not safe;

✘ Soot formation;

✘ Pungent odor;

✘ Short burning time;

✘ It cannot be used in stoves and fireplaces;

3. Based on natural ingredients. These include birch tar, resins, oils:

✔ Low price;

✘ Burn badly;

✘ Strong unpleasant odor.