What is fatwood firestarter sticks, and what is hardwood


We all love spending time next to the fireplace. However, if you ask what is fatwood firestarter sticks and how they differ from hardwood, you want to make the best fire for your close ones and guests. Please find below our list of the main firewood types and their features.

What is fatwood firestarter sticks, and do you need kindling with fatwood

People usually use fatwood for lighting. It quickly ignites and quickly burns out. You won’t find any coal behind. Softwood types have a significant volume of air chambers between the fibers. That is why it’s not heavy. You will hardly use it for heating, only to start the fire. Softwood includes linden, alder, aspen, spruce, pine.

What is firestarter fatwood

What is hardwood, and what kind of fire you can make with it

Hardwood gives the best steady fire as there is an absence of large air chambers between the wood fibers. Thus, you may distinguish it by its density resistance to the external environment and keep in mind that it is cumbersome.

Such wood will give the maximum amount of heat. At the same time, you can’t use it for ignition. It’s better to have fire starter sticks with you for that.

Hardwood can burn even when damp, as the density of the fibers helps not to absorb too much water. Wet hardwood logs burn even longer than dry ones. What logs we know as hardwood: oak, beech, ash, hazel, apple tree, pear.

What is medium hardwood, and what kind of fire it makes

This group includes both coniferous and deciduous trees. Medium hardwood during combustion emits an average amount of heat and burns even when wet or freshly cut. It gives a sufficient amount of coal but burns out faster than hardwood. Chopping and sawing such logs is also not easy.

They have enough fibers to complicate this process. We get medium hardwood from cherry, elm, cedar, cherry, birch tree, fir. We prefer birch here, as the birch price is meager and high heat transfer indicators. In addition, birch is the easiest to chop.

Best kind of firewood for BBQ

What kind of firewood is the best

For different types of fire, you should use different types of firewood. For example, you will not use conifers for stoves and fireplaces, as it smokes. And you will use fruit trees wood for barbecue, to get the best smell to your meat.

Birch is good because it will burn even with high humidity. You may buy it for the stove, boiler, and fireplace. It doesn’t matter what kind of wood you use to ignite a boiler or stove. But the best option is alder and aspen, which burn without emitting soot.

To get a beautiful intricate fire, you can use small stumps or roots of hardwoods. For example, cedar firewood smolders for a long time, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful picture of hot coals. It is best to use apple trees or pears to enjoy the burning woods. They will fill the room with an exquisite fruity aroma. A classic for a fireplace is beech, which gives a lot of heat, does not spark, burns out for a long time, and does not emit smoke. Beech firewood also has a good smell.

How to choose fatwood for fireplaces

How to make the taste and aroma of barbecue the best

The taste and aroma of barbecue depend on the meat and marinade you make and the firewood you use to make the fire. For this reason, you should take care to light the fire with suitable wood. It would help if you used fruit trees to make barbecue, as they give the necessary aroma burn without soot. The best wood types are cherry, apple tree, grapes, peach, apricot, plum, bird cherry, mulberry.

Be careful and don’t use needles and spruce. It will cover your meat with a thick layer of unpleasant-tasting plaque that will spoil the look and the taste. We also do not recommend the following wood types for barbecue: birch (a lot of soot), walnut, and poplar (which give a sour taste to meat). Find out the best BBQ recipe here.